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Minerva Industries UK was formed in the early 1980’s as Wolverhampton Pressings and has progressed over the years to become a leading supplier of cosmetic parts to the automotive industry whilst maintaining its presence as a manufacturer of high quality pressings.

In its early days, the company had a significant presence in the horticultural and agricultural sectors manufacturing gardening tools and components for mechanised horticultural equipment. Through the introduction of ever more advanced machinery and processes, the company was able to progress and become an important supplier to the automotive industry.

Today Minerva supplies a range of cosmetic components for automotive interiors to some of the most prestigious brands in the UK.

Minerva can boast a significant level of expertise in pressings, painting and chemical etching which put the company at the forefront of operational excellence.

The name Minerva Industries UK was recently created following the management buy-out of a subsidiary of an internationally renowned manufacturer with an important presence in the automotive sector.

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Ranging from small, high-precision perforation in thin materials to large holes in thick sheets utilised in the mining industry, we have the knowledge, expertise, tooling and the materials to deliver products according to your requirements.


Tailor-made perforated solutions are ideal for cleaning, heating and steaming in food production environments. So whether it concerns baking trays, cereal cleaning or ingredient conveyers.


New perforated materials can stimulate exciting urban design, we call this City Emotion …


As your partner in this multimedia sector, we are able to develop your ideas with you and produce products from all types of perforated and expanded metals, e.g. galvanised steel, aluminium and stainless steel.


Whether it is a security, functionality or design aspect – we are your partner if it involves perforated and formed metal components for automotive applications.


In the production of perforated dishwasher filters we offer the complete service from perforating and forming, including surface treatment, right up to final assembly complete with plastic rings and funnels.

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  • October 2017
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